Sunday, December 11, 2011


i saw the best minds of my generation seduced by
advertising, distracted aloof oblivious,
serving clients in chic offices in the afternoon
after the next big project,
accessorized hipsters apathetic to the world outside
their little insulated bubbles refusing to see the bigger context,
who amused and sarcastic and ego-driven and narcissistic sat
up laughing in the artificial dinge of
fashionable bars floating through gentrified parts of the city
contemplating salaries,
who bared their brains for career within agencies and
saw lifestyle brands reaching target audiences successful,
who passed through startups with sexy cool eye wear
dreaming of fame attending exclusive social functions
among the celebrities of tomorrow,
who graduated with honors from the academies for cleverness;
publishing novel ideas on their edgy personal blogs,
who conformed upwardly mobile in tasteful denim,
untouched by distant horrors reduced to sound bytes and choosing
to ignore their removed complicity in it all...

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