Friday, December 25, 2009

Robert Anton Wilson Explains Everything

thanks to Ugly Radio, we have a cure for holidays boredom. it's nothing too challenging or difficult, covers ground a lot of people probably are at least a little familiar with, but it's still good to go over it. the man has a nice voice (not at all annoying like William Burroughs) and an infectious chuckle, and it's nice to listen to him go on about General Semantics, Joyce, Peyote, and a thousand other topics. also works well if you can't sleep...

Tape 1: The Life and Times of Robert Anton Wilson
Traces Pope Bob's childhood, formative years, Catholic rearing (pun intended), his lifelong love of James Joyce via an interview.
Warning: Side B has a great example of twisted tape syndrome, wherein a small chunk of it plays backwards. Don't worry, it's in a very appropriate place, as you'll hear!
Download Tape 1 (tape warps at the end so you don't hear the Leary story punchline... sorry)

Tape 2: Language and Reality
Incorrigible optimist Bob explores how language shapes our perceptions of the world, or how our reality tunnels are formed. He discusses Korzybski and Neuro-Linguistic Programming and other modes of thought construct.
Download Tape 2

Tape 3: Techniques for Consciousness Change
Bob discusses various methods for obtaining various states of consciousness as well as LSD, Sensory Deprivation and Leary's Eight Circuit model of consciousness and how to reprogram them.
Download Tape 3

Tape 4: Politics and Conspiracy Theory
How trying to unravel the big control conspiracy can both drive you mad and how the more you learn about it, the less plausible, yet undeniably 'real' it all becomes. Also how dogmatic religions tend to have their own, unique conspiracy theories.
Download Tape 4

Tape 5: The Acceleration of Knowledge
Live lecture on the doubling of information and how it seems to be occurring at an increasing interval and where Bob thinks we're headed.
Download Tape 5

Tape 6:
Side A- Religion for the Hell of it
Side B- The New Inquisition
Hilarious and enlightening two-part lecture in Boulder Co., where Bob rails against all stripes of fundamentalism and the rigid, Aristotalian mind-set, as well as the hardcore skepticism of fundamental materialists (with their mantra of 'it's only a coincidence, it's only a coincidence!') . Also, the rabbit-UFO connection revealed at last.
Download Tape 6


Chris Parson said...

i want this so bad but rapidshare is being a BITCH

zhao said...

is it the usual 100 seconds wait or not working at all?

Ho hapax epekeina said...

Blessed be ye that cometh in RAW's name :P
Thanks for the upload, I loved it. Besides being very insightful and funny, he had a lovely voice.

Dauman said...

Thanks so much!
Any chance for a Re-up?