Thursday, November 12, 2009

I Will Never Understand

why people feel proud of, build their identity on, and pledge allegiance to, the piece of dirt that they happen to have been born on.

shit makes no damn sense. word?

essentially: patriotism = nationalism = fascism.

and it seems to me, that in order to move toward a world without borders, without wars, without inequity, subjugation, or the needless suffering of millions upon millions, that we first need to give up this bullshit, useless, childish and embarrassing turf mentality.

bottom line is this:

the world can only be a better place if more of us put "human" and "earthling" before "Chinese", "German", "American".

some might even say the survival of our specie depends on it.

why pandas? why NOT pandas!

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El Hombre Invisible said...

Heh-heh - so glad you posted that clip...made me laugh out loud early morning in the office and feel warm inside...