Tuesday, September 15, 2009

What do Truthers Want?

lets forget that i am kind of one myself for a minute.

what do they hope will happen as a result of their tireless campaigning? (as someone accurately pointed out a few years ago) it seems 1 or both of 2 things:

1. an admission of guilt from the powers that be. white house officials going on national TV, coming clean of the inside job. and / or

2. for enough people to recognize the truth to rise up and overthrow the government.

and now my second question is:

they do realize that neither will ever happen, right?
that these scenarios will forever remain exactly what they are now: fantasies.

now i'm not saying we should do nothing and swallow the bullshit official story on 9-11, or indeed anything else. but there has to be a better strategy than just endlessly going on about the durability of steel or what really hit the pentagon. because it doesn't matter how irrefutable the Truther's case may be, history has shown over and over again that evidence and facts don't do shit. why? because the primary ideological imperative of the American people is to keep things exactly as they are: they want their SUVs and they want their TIVO and they want their fast food. if you wave banners they will ignore you, and if you really try to change things they will slit your throat.

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Anonymous said...

Thats why there will be a twitter type thing happening soon, the CIA and FBI already are investigating applications and social networking abilities, to disperse people and keep them from joining together. The fact is, if there was a twitter which allowed 4000 people to convene at any given moment against anything seen as a whole as "injust" - through the ability of electronic contacts- We both know the police would COWER and lose repeatedly. If you had 2000 alone convening against them at any given time- say a case of police brutality has happened. It would be brutal outnumbering. If all those people who convened brought guns, the police would certainly "LOSE". It's about power and control. They don't want us to know that we can convene now with the tech that allows it.... Christian morons, Iraq "defenders", these types people will slip into a majority with technology and the ability of news to travel. If you had 4000 people knocking on the front door of the chief of police's home - what do you think would happen to him that night??? They ARE SCARED. and SHOULD BE. They call this type of intervention terrorism, then so be it- the sons of liberty were terrorists, and our forefathers as well then. There is already numerous watchdog groups that keep dibbs and personal information of all the FBI and known CIA informants and agents. They can do it so can we.