Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Deeper Roots 2

Black Athena I, II, and Black Athena Writes Back, can be downloaded here, in e-book format. also included in the archive is A Deeper Discussion on "Black Greeks" & More, which i can not yet vouch for.

i believe this is some of the most important reading we can do: it constructs a good case for what we were all taught as children about the history of western civilization being false.

in Bernal's terms, there are 2 models for the rise of Greek culture: the ancient model, and the Aryan model. the Ancient model describes the massive influence on Greece that the much older Egyptian and Asiatic/Semitic civilizations had. and the Aryan model denies both, and posits that there were invading tribes from the north which influenced Greece.

the Ancient model was held by the Greeks themselves and all through out the ages, had no internal explanatory problems, and was only overturned during the 19th century, replaced with the Aryan model that most of us believe to be truth - a white, euro-centric Greece.

Bernal puts it very clearly: European culture did not start in Norway or the Swiss Alps -- it started in the Southern most, Eastern most region, a place geographically closest to Africa and Asia -- why? he talks about the relationship between Greece and Egypt as similar to that of Japan to China: the younger cultures certainly did have their innovations, but as a whole came from, borrowed heavily, and is largely a product of the much older civilization which preceded them.

and here is a video:
Afro-centricity Debate - Dr. Clarke (above) & Professor Martin Bernal debate professor Mary Leftkowitz and Professor Guy Rogers. Mid 90's, Topic of discussion and debate is the book 'Black Athena' written by Professor Bernal. Split into 5 parts: Part 1 part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5

(the 5 parts are not named very well, the first starts with the host woman making small talk before saying "good evening")


and just for a laugh, predictably, these are the kind of people who dismiss Black Athena. LOL.

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