Monday, October 06, 2008

Science and Religion

the trendy religion-hating among "progressives" bent on blaming all of humanity's ills on spiritual practices world wide, while naming science as some kind of infallible way forward, is a view equally myopic, a position just as simple/closed-minded and solipsistic as those of the ignorant fundamentalist freaks these rationalists rail against.

i am very much convinced that one of, if not THE, foundational causes making everything so royally fucked is that the world is too "rational". traditional chinese medicine has maintained that the world is too "yang" (the light part); and indeed, most of the serious problems we face as a species are by-products of the industrial/technological age of 20th and 19th century. this is pretty much irrefutable. isn't it clear that the results of too much "logic" and "order" and ego and power and law and repression can only be disastrous? (military-industrial complex is pretty much the apex of rationalism, is it not?)

no, what we need more of in the world is not more order, rigidity, anal retention. what we need more of is empathy, connection, intuition, mystery, sensuality. which is NOT institutional, organized religion. the Church (of which ever faith), for all its absurd anti-rationalism, actually operates according to the bureacratic rigidity of the hyper-rational, hierarchical, corporate/government model based on domination and subjugation.

what we need, is what organized religion is a corrupt bastardization of: the return of a much, much older de-centered, non-hierarchical, non-patriarchal spirituality. and with it, social organizing principals based on localized, perhaps mobile, closely knit, self reliant and self sustainable communities.

i should probably get a medal of some kind for solving all the world's problems in about 300 words.


kozica! said...

:) i like Your writing, i see things in similar way.
i think the next step is to start doing things as we want it to be, the blog is a good begining. because 300words is not enough, i think

hugs from Poland! :)

zhao said...

awwww... hugs! i like hugs :)