Monday, September 24, 2007

US of Assholes

voting is a smokescreen which perpetuates illusory freedom. it is a happy pill which makes the masses feel as if they are making a difference.

America is not a democracy. has never BEEN a democracy. and never will. America is a REPUBLIC, set up to make MONEY for a few already filthy rich white men, and the hell to everyone else. there is no such thing as "free-market" (as envisioned by Adam Smith), never has been, and never will. America's economic system is more like a serfdom, with a few lords owning most of everything, and the rest work their asses off as slaves. just look at the recent statistics on CEO pay versus empolyee salaries.

the ideas of American "freedom" and "democracy" are the Big Lies that no one doubts, and more than any other beliefs put forth by propaganda, responsible for efficiently keeping people ignorant and passive.

regarding the following videos: it's not a matter of what the country has come to, it's a matter of the underlying, deep rooted sickness showing through. (thanks to Milton for some of the links):

UF Student Tasered During John Kerry Speech

a nation of zombie sheep. hundreds just sitting there staring while the guy is dragged away screaming for help.

Nomos notes: "also disturbing how "don't tase me bro" has turned into a pop culture meme divorced from the context in which it was uttered. It's on t-shirts already. "bro" became an excuse to turn it into a saying on the level of "don't have a cow man" and laugh at him instead of taking a position." makes me sick.

Citizens Arrested for commiting FREE SPEECH in Washington DC

don't know the local laws on assembly, etc., are, but assuming the people interviewed are not lying through their teeth... the authorities are obviously so confident that the American people have been turned into such helpless worms that they can get away with this outright violation of civil liberties. and they 1. are right 2. can and 3. will.

President Bush bill pardons himself for his war crimes

Bush also bought 100,000 acres of Paraguay, which he is making into some kind of retirement mega-fortress, heavily armed and guarded by miliatary personnel. it sits on top of the largest water supply of S. America, and the country has also recently, conveniently, granted immunity to all war criminals.

thought of everything didn't he -- tell me again what an "idiot" this man is

which brings us to the final piece in this post:

The Bush Gang: "A veritable juggernaut of competence."
by Jack Riddler

excerpt: "Those who call the Bush mob "incompetent" make a fatal error. On some unconscious level, they seem to think that these criminals somehow share any of the goals of decent human beings, and have therefore "failed" to produce good results. But that, of course is the idea that motivates the Bush crime family: to produce evil results that happen to enrich their own class."


Danielle said...

Hi Leo, thank you for sharing your thoughts. I have been very sad lately to see the country crumbling. It is most disappointing to realise that the Congress, the new Congress, the Democratic Congress, is useless or phony. It's not just a Bush, it's the entire infrastructure, which leads the country going deeper and deeper into dictatorship and terrorism.

I wish China could see the danger in the American Capitalist model. Once China becomes an absolute power, like the US, it'll be another nightmare.

sotise said...

arseholes is somewhat understating the case , these people are outright criminals, the blood boils and the heart sinks, merely thinking of the atrocious moral void that resides within them
not to mention the deep seated cynicism that permeates their every utterence.

the hipocrisy is staggering, these are people that appropriate and then destroy the every nuance of spoken language through their subversion of it to their own ends.
george orwell forsaw all this ,and many otherthings which are only now comming to pass.

these people are willing to burn the world for profits and , subdue and or destroy anyone who dares question their motives.
all under the cynical guise of preserving democracy and the highest christian and humanist principles.

as you well know things are no different anywhere else, here in australia over the last few years,many sacred constitutional principles have been sacrificed for
mindless constructs- propaganda tools..designed to rob ordinary people of even the tiniest last vestige of power and render them ever more pliable and suseptible to corporate manipulation.

theres an eection comming up in the next few weeks, but its chalk and cheese the so called labour party ,which originaly had its roots in the union movement, are now move in the same corporate ,arriviste circles as their supposed polar opposites, leglislative changes have over the last 2 years been enacted by the fascist bastards to virtually make it illegal to hold a meaningful strike, and they changed unfairdismissal laws so that anyone can be fired at the whim of a boss- for whatever reason.

the australian labor party who still maintain a facade of being socialists( eventhough that has not been the case for 35 years) have already backed down on earlier promises to rollback those dire legislative changes.
we it seems aspire to be americans in every sphere.
it nauseats me to the core of my being.
so why havent you guys , stormed the fucking whitehouse en masse and reduced it to cinders?

sotise said...

just a brief response to danielle if i may.
the chinese middle class may be expanding , but its still a relatively small percentage who are in anyway remotely comfortable.

those whom we deem unskilled who work with their hands in some repetitive manor are little more than indentured slaves, who have absolutely no protection under labor laws.
who have in some cases(remember that DAM) BEEN FORCABLY RELOCATED..
and the dislocation caused by the destruction of rural communities , i9s escalating by the minute.
this world is fast becoming a filthy cesspool, where wealth is admired/ worshipped and life is worthless unless attatched to assets.

zhao said...

i will still go to protests, vote, speak out against injustice at every chance (and blog about it), but really... at the end of the day, everything considered, after all is said... I don't think there is anything anyone can do to change the fate of the human race in the next 100 or 200 years. things will get much much worse, at an accelerating pace.

Seth said...

Hey! I am missing my favourite participant of this capitalistic world conspiracy. Mr Wolfowitz, who ensured that the profits of the public loan for war, privatisation and oil speculation flow up into favoured hands. This is sustainability far beyond elections.