Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Science Vs. Religion - A Retarded Debate

am i the only one supremely irritated by what seems to be a relatively recent trend of religion-hating among liberals and progressives? Sam Harris, Daniel Dennett, and now Richard Dawkins with his book "The God Delusion" -- these "men of reason" seem bent on blaming all of humanity's ills on spiritual practices world wide, all the while claiming science as some kind of absolutely objective, unquestionable, infallible way forward.

a view equally miopic, a position just as simple/closed minded and solipsistic as the ignorant fundamentalist freaks they rail against.

one of the fundamental problems making everything so royally fucked is that the world is way too "rational". most of the serious problems we faced are by-products of the industrial/technological age of 20th and 19th century. this is pretty much irrefutable. it should be clear to all that the result of too much left brain "logic" and "order" and ego and power and bureaucracy and hierarchy and law and repression is disastrous. (military-industrial complex is pretty much the apex of rationalism, is it not?)

what we need more of in the world is empathy, intuition, mystery. which is NOT institutional, organized religion, which, for all its absurd anti-rationalism, actually operates according to the hyper rigidity of the hyper-rational inhuman corporate/government model.

what we need, is what organized religion is a corrupt bastardization of: the return of a much, much older de-centered, non-hierarchical, non-patriarchal spirituality. and with it, social organizing principals based on localized, perhaps mobile, closely knit, self reliant and self sustainable communities.

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people just have to stop being fucking retarded is all