Saturday, May 26, 2007

Carnivores vs. Vegetarians

"I heard a fellow the other day on the radio saying that 'we eat as though it were a feast day, everyday'. That's spot on. The frequency with which we eat meat is the problem, not the fact that we eat meat at all." -- Lichen from Dissensus

recently read a very good NY Times cover story which thoroughly analyses the issue from all angles, including Animal Rights, History/Culture of Culinary Arts, Biology, Environmentalism, Religion, Morality, Economics, etc. and the conclusion he came to was not simple vegetarianism - which is actually also harmful to animals and the environment - but rather getting rid of industrial meat farming in favor of raising animals in farms both ecological as well as humane -- the cost of meat would rise, and people would eat less of it.

An Animal's Place

it's a bit long, the first part is philosophical debate, and gets into actual facts later.